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Swaddle bag in quilt for a safe and calm baby sleep

Swaddle bag in quilt for a safe and calm baby sleep

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This cute quilted swaddle bag is ideal for fussy toddlers at bedtime! the swaddling bag helps to give your baby a longer, calmer and safer sleep. It's super easy to swaddle your baby in this bag - you just put the baby on your back and fasten the hemp around. This eliminates the complicated folding techniques and the problematic swaddling blankets that often slip off. The swaddling bag is safe, it does not come loose and does not cover the respiratory tract, which reduces the risk of overheating and ensures an even temperature and a more peaceful sleep for the little one.

Product information:

Material: Binykk
Size: 90x90
Weight: 320g
Product type: Sleep
Tags: Baby

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