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Laifen swift high speed hair dryer - professional styling

Laifen swift high speed hair dryer - professional styling

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Transform your hair styling with the laifen swift high speed hair dryer. This innovative hair tool allows you to dry, shape curls and waves with professional results, and ensures that your hair has a smooth and shiny finish. Laifen swift dries hair 5.5 times faster than traditional hair dryers, and with negative ion technology you get increased shine, softness and health for your hair - goodbye to frizz and dryness

The silent motor makes it perfect for use for all times and available in colors such as matte black, silver blue, pearl white and pink. Choose from three temperature levels for gentle or quick drying.

Product information:

Brand: Laifen
Model: Swift Special
Power: 1600W/1400W
Voltage: 1600W(230V)/1400W(120V) Not dual voltage
Size: 277x70x89mm
Weight: 407g
Color: Matte Black, Silver Blue, Pearl White, Pink
Wire: 1, 8 meters
Buttons: On/Off, Speed ​​level 1, 2, Temperature hot/lukewarm/cold
Accessories: 1 Smooth nozzle, 1 User manual

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